How to install NVIDIA Driver on Ubuntu 14.04 and elementaryOS Freya

Play your games with the best performance.
If you had a NVIDIA GPU, it’s possible to install the drivers and active with just three simple steps. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and elementaryOS Freya.

01 – Install NVIDIA Prime and Drivers

Just run:

# sudo apt-get install nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 nvidia-prime

02 – Restart your computer

Just restart as usual. Go to power button at topbar and restart.

03 – Active NVIDIA Controller

Go to apps launcher and open “NVIDIA X Server Settings”.
At sidebar, go to PRIME Profiles and activer NVIDIA GPU by click on NVIDIA (Performance Mode). At first time, maybe you need to restart your machine.

04 – Just play!

At this point, all your NVIDIA performance will be used by your apps and games. Just open your games and play it!

Any troubles?

If you get any problem and need help, just leave your comment below and I will try to help you.

Post based on Tasos’s post at AskUbuntu.